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„Many paths lead from the foot of the mountain, but at the peak we all gaze at the single bright moon.“ – Ikkyú

I am working with gestalt therapeutic methods and am a gestalt therapist with passion.

In my sessions I do not only talk, but also try out and experiment: with behaviours, physical movement and postures, with thoughts, emotions and attitudes. I do this not only with long-known experiences, but also with potentially new ones.

Additionally, I draw upon my integrative primal therapy background, which includes themes out of trauma therapy, body psychotherapy, systemic methods, as well as ego-state and resource work.

All areas of human experience are included and explored as far as possible, the interpersonal, the emotional, the physical and the intellectual. I am convinced that only all areas together form that holistic “gestalt” that defines a person – hence the term „gestalt therapy“.

I have finished my education in integrative primal therapy, which can be seen as an emotion-focussed trauma therapy that emphasises the importance of feelings. The more familiar we are with dealing with these feelings, the more we can let what is there be. The more secure our self-esteem becomes and the more we are able to shape our life from the inside out.

Integrative primal therapy is based on the practical experience that neurotic symptoms and neurotic behaviours are the result of repressed feelings and are resolved through emotional processing.

Besides the therapeutic consultation, I also support topics like the search for meaning, mental hygiene, changing habits, belief systems, self-worth and self-acceptance. I want to support you with a space for yourself and your topics!

A single session takes around 50 / 75 minutes and costs 60 € / 90€ for onsite or virtual sessions. My group workshops are mainly conducted in german for now, so please ask for English translations.

If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to: raumfuermich(at) or call me at 030 / 420 293 30.

Alysha Rosly

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